Amol Consultants LLC staffing solutions are backed by our recruiting framework and commitment to supporting our client’s business in partnership and fulfilling our candidates careers. Our Talent Acquisition and Search Innovation Teams are blended of technology expertise across many business sectors and technology across infrastructure, development and executive staffing with advanced and innovative techniques and methods. It is through this that we have brought success to contingent, retained, project, consulting and ultimately to our clients / candidates.

Our Talent Acquisition team learns/knows our client’s culture, objectives and environment. They wear the brand of our clients when presenting opportunities directly to our candidates throughout the process and through social media marketing and professional networking.

Our Staffing philosophy is to know who and what we recruit for!

  • We do not word match! People = Talent !
  • Our Clients Success = Amol Consultants LLC Success !
  • We'll never waste your time with unqualified candidates!


  • Staffing Solutions partner to build Onshore / Offshore resource strategy and achieve 24/7 SDLC
  • Logistics Executive Management
  • Solutions Architects ( TOGAF , JAVA , HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript , Cloud , PHP, REST API, MQTT, Data ,Micro Services )
  • Mobile Solutions ( Android , IOS and FireFox OS)
  • NOSQL Databases ( Oracle NOSQL, IBM Cloudant, Amdazon Redshift. Apache Cassandra, HBASE )
  • Quality Assuarance ( Appium, Selenium , Full Functional , Regression, Load and Performance Metrics Frameworks)
  • UX Design ( HTML5, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, SASS, CSS3, Advanced Javascript nd Templating Frameworks)
  • Program / Project Managers ( Agile, SCRUM , PMP , Sig Sigma , JIRA and Atlassian Tools , Continous Integration )
  • Product Managers
  • Infrastructure / IT operations and support
  • Application and Network Security
  • Data Center , Cloud , Hardware , Software and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Software Engineers / Developers ( JAVA , HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript , Cloud , PHP, REST API, MQTT, Data , Spring Boot )
  • Business Analysts
  • Tech Writers
  • Data Warehouse, Developers and DBA's!
  • Social Media Solutions ( Custom SRA platform and network integration with Facebook , Twitter, Google and other providers )
  • Advertising and SEO Services
  • Our design is made up of 6 sensible and core components ensuring success, integrity, time and cost savings.
  • Hands on latest innovations and trends.
  • We strive to provide excellent service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.
  • We help evaluate and propose a custom solution that meets your goals,timelines and budget.